Wednesday, January 22, 2014

KeystoneXL Doomed by EPA Even Argo's Patience at End

First the news that Canada, our ally and friend and lauded in Argo, does the right thing-it gives up on the obstruction of the EPA and Obama to KeystoneXL Next we find today collusion between the EPA and environmental groups as revealed in secret emails obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. If only we could mandate that any executive in the EPA could only purchase energy from solar, wind, tides, biomass, anything other than fossil fuels and finding it was not available, they would have to learn to live without electricity, not fly, not take the train, freeze in the winter and sweat to death in the summer, then and only then we might restore some sanity to the agency and regain the chance to obtain energy independence. Nice to be able to dream.
EPA Delay Is a Keystone XL Slay
The War on Women was a political slogan not true designed to elect Blues
The War on Poverty was trillions spent into a stagnant or growing poverty slough
The War on Income Inequality looks like Big Blue will soon launch
How likely will it our fragile economic growth quickly staunch?
Too many successes for Big Blue on misguided War on Coal, War on Oil
Looks like they will claim another victim, add to our energy loss toll
As we struggle to keep fracking from an EPA’s protest shrills
Get ready for the coup de grace, the trophy energy independence kill
Canada decides it can no longer wait for the idiots in Obamaland to determine Keystone XL’s fate
Plan B is now for a pipeline to the coast and oil hungry Asia that eagerly awaits
Obama's and his EPA’s posturing, excuses and delays
All the while as a Canadian oil chance ebbs away
Now we learn to our dismay that the EPA and environmental groups
Have secretly banded together to give Keystone XL the terminal boot
Like the ACA, Big Blue’s statements on energy “all of the above” are just another period dot.
A great chance to secure energy independence may have been fatally shot.
Not for the good of  U.S. energy users, no solely to appease and court Big Blue’s Green wing
So the taxpayers can be stuck in the billions of waste from the next wave of "Solyndras" his cronies will bring?
Sadly, stupidity and self-interest is not an impeachable offense; we are stuck with him until 2016
But if the voters have had it, say "enough", and control of the Senate shifts in 2014
Reds will have not only the power to block such nonsense but also the ability to trade
A compromise here and amendment there and may come to our energy needs aid
Time for those who drive, heat and cool their homes, use electricity at home or at work, all energy users in short
Roll up your shirts, grab pen and phone and descend on every Blue to demand the EPA's delays they abort
Better yet, boycott the fawning media who believe their darling walks on water and can do no wrong
The threat of pink slips due to falling ratings and falling ads, might change the tunes of their admiration songs
© January 22, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 

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