Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pen And Phone In Quiver But Compromise Left Home

On of the headlines on this day January 14, 2014, National Poetry at Work Day, was that President Obama was ready with his pen and phone to get things done. Nice headline on this day, maybe he is
going to pen, yes pen and not email, or better yet pick up the phone and suggest to the leaders on both sides of the Senate and the House that they get together for some real discussions , not sound bites or photo ops for which he excels with no teleprompters allowed and try, really try with all blame if they fail to discuss some of the major issues that face this country.  Supposedly some of these leaders are intelligent persons however hidden by partisanship rancor that intelligence may be. If they are not there are certainly enough high paid talent to bring to bear.
     Obama Care is about ready to go on life support. The recovery is like a candle facing a hurricane wind ready to be blown out. Immigration is in shambles. The debt dragon is in weeks ready to raise its wrathful head in revenge for the once again kicking the can down the road and to add insult to injury, the Al-Qaeda flag flies over Fallujah.
      Do I have solutions? None other than to suggest we are running out of time and we do not deserve the mess of another three years of gridlock and electing a new President in 2016 who will inherit 20+ trillion of debt we can not afford.
       More executive orders seems like a piss poor waste of ink. More phone calls to his base seems like a piss poor allocation of scarce resources of time.
January 14 is National Poetry at Work Day
Seems apropos in a "recovery" dismal and gray

Pen And  Phone But No Poems As Compromise Left Home
January 14 is National Poetry at Work Day
Seems apropos in a "recovery" dismal and gray
So the headline that Obama his pen he would take
Inspired hope that in him the creativity spirit would awake
And that museum piece in the sound bite shadows
Where any discourse by the shots of deception is straddled
Inspired hope that he might actually reach out to his Blues and yes even the Reds
His dreams of the imperial regulatory executive order presidency finally shed
No such luck not part of his makeup, not part of his far reaching design
The pen is not for poems only for more executive orders to sign
And the phone not for the Reds or Blues only for the mortals to awe
To pressure Congress to put his ideas into the force of law.
Probably, however, just as well
Getting people to read his poems would be a hard sell

© January 14, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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