Friday, January 31, 2014

Keystone XL Is The Key

     Six years and counting in the KeystoneXL delay and finally comprehensive report that the building of the pipeline will not have an adverse effect on the climate. But for the furor over the ACA rollout and the increasing opposition to the ACA and unpopularity of this President, KeystoneXL might not ever be built while he is in office. However, 2014 elections are just around the proverbial corner and this President has a great chance of losing the Senate which would thoroughly devastate whatever slim chances he has for a positive legacy. The oil in the tar sands in Canada is not going to be locked up in a National Park; it is going to be exploited. The only choice is whether we are the beneficiaries which would guarantee North American energy independence into the far future or whether this opportunity is forever lost and the oil goes to the Chinese. At the risk of frustrating his rabid environmental global warming base or losing the Senate, he needs to make a choice. In a perfect world he approves KeystoneXL and still loses the Senate, in an imperfect world he does the same thing but keeps control. In either case KeystoneXL needs to be approved before the Canadians grow weary and route to pipeline to British Columbia and waiting Chinese tankers.
KeystoneXL Is The Key
After six years with no definite end in sight
It is time for Big Blue to bite the bullet and do what is right
It is time to hear the construction sound finally like TAPS
The independence of the oil sands in a ribbon to unwrap
Sadly, we have no boycott as we did the TAPS logjam to break
When will the Canadians leave in disgust and let China the oil take?
KeystoneXL has been held hostage by Big Blue in his climate campaign
Such hypocrisy to speak of energy when this chance may go down the drain.
Energy always involves taking of risks to find and extract
Whether close to the surface, under the oceans or in rocks to frack
Energy to be transported some risks are always involved
Ones that the pipeline owners really try to solve
TAPS was years of litigation paper with the slaughter of trees
Bogus issues of whether the caribous could move free
Imagine the pit of lack of energy domestic that today would exist
If the environmentalists would have won in their battle to TAPS resist.
Time for us to act and, like TAPS finally, KeystoneXL to quickly now construct
Time to end the War on Fossil and pipeline building it obstructs
With the jobs created by exploiting and litigation against this energy source
Obama could still keep some of his crony green spending in force
It is all well and good that McCarthy is but a bike ride from her kids away,
The rest of us may need cars, buses, trains, and planes to come into play.
If she could take a break from the War on Coal and the EPA’s regulatory energy curbing advance
Intern at a private for profit company for just a week, it might shake her out of her regulatory trance
Kerry, this may be difficult, but as Secretary of State you are supposed to put your green friends’ needs and wants aside
Approve without delay KeystoneXL as only the ideologues believe not stopping it would somehow raise our tides.
If you have the President’s ear, this advice to get our energy independence back
Also leash McCarthy’s steps to drive a nail into the heart of expanding efforts to frack
© January 31, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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