Monday, January 20, 2014

Semper Grati for Semper Fis

The news just recently of two of the three more Marines killed by a "friendly" Afghan policeman at their own operating base were awarded the Navy Cross, the second highest award this nation can bestow upon its soldiers was a chilling reminder of the dangers each day our men and women in uniform face each day in Afghanistan. It boggles the imagination how difficult it must be in the God forsaken feudal country to go into the country to fight an elusive enemy dedicated to kill as many Americans as possible to gain entrance to their Paradise and gorge on the virgins that  the Mullahs brainwash them to believe will be waiting with open arms. Then to experience the shear terror and frustration to in the "relative" safety of a U.S. base of being attacked by the people you are there to protect--in this case an Afghan policeman.
        History will judge the wisdom of why we went there, why we stayed there, and why we did not leave sooner or at the risk of being accused of fringe thoughts why we did not follow MacArthur's somewhat ill-conceived notion of creating a nuclear fallout barrier on the Yalu River during the Korean War and applying that concept to at least the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Do not know what the verdict will be, but it is clear to me that we are lucky beyond belief that we have a Marine Corps and Armed Forces that are willing to risk life and limb for this country. Hopefully this country in the guise of deficit does not ever abandon or reduce our commitment to those Veterans.
      As civilians non Marines our motto must always be Semper Grati (Always Grateful) for Semper Fi's (the Marines).

 Semper Grati for Semper Fi's
Semper Fi is not an empty slogan, a motto hollow
No, it is the creed that all Marines by acts and deeds follow
When an AK-47 is spraying its deadly hail of lead
A Marine puts personal safety behind and his fellows ahead
A pistol used by Manoukian against an AK-47 is like trying to stop a tank by throwing rocks
Non Marines would flee, these wounded two keep firing, their bodies to the bullets block
Mote saw the shooting and ran to his room to his M-4 snatch
Do not know if he had a chance to aim before the Ak-47 bullets found a match
Only that both Marines did not hesitate, did not retreat
They fought and died when a "friendly" with his Ak-47 came to greet 
To see the life-photo faces of Mote and Manoukian, Marine winners of the Navy Cross
You can only with tears in eyes,  say “thank God for Marines” and mourn the loss
And continue to question why we are still there to Afghans train and arm
When too many of these “friendlies” are Mullah-driven to kill and harm
This poet is not a Prophet or an icon of weighty  theological tomes
Knows not whether our Heaven and the Muslim Paradise are shared eternal homes
But if they are, these fanatic jihadists who have bought the Mullahs’ virgins’ line
Should know the streets there are patrolled by Marines: their entry will be declined
Semper Fi, Marines Mote and Manoukian, the nation and the  Corps live on  because of you
Once again, Marines like you have paid with blood and life our freedom preservation dues
© January 20, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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