Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hyprocrisy And A War On Spending Inequality

     It is clear that in order to salvage retaining control of the Senate, the Obama Administration will wage an all out, no quarter war on "Income Inequality" with rhetoric that will make the "hostage" and "arsonist" allegations hurled at the Reds during the "shutdown" of the government appear like a learned and polite discussion of Cardinals over who the next Pope should be by comparison. This time the Reds will not be throwing just granny over the cliff, but whole trainloads of Americans, a gang of modern day Snidely Whiplashes that only the brave Blue Dudley Do Rights, who have never found a spending cut they could not oppose or a tax increase they did support, can save. This war will be brutal with no political equivalent of a Geneva Convention.
         "Fair" in the lexicon of the Left will become the most misused and manipulated word in the English language. I can only hope the social issues, like driving in World War II, be strictly rationed so what ammunition we have to wage this war can be effectively utilized. Two thoughts, with in the coming weeks more to follow, one in prose and one in muse (would you expect anything less from the Alaskanpoet?). First, if a war is to be waged on income inequality, why not propose a livable SAG fee for services for the 99 percent of actors and actresses that probably wait on tables to supplement their meager and inconsistent incomes while the Harrison Fords of the world, who lecture us on carbon footprints but have numerous private jets or always fly in a private jet, even in the case of Ford to fly to get his favorite hamburger, spend like drunken sailors on a spree. How to fund this minimum, livable wage you ask? Easy treat Hollywood like the NBA with its salary caps and luxury taxes if a team has too many Kobe Bryants on it. Collateral benefit, in addition to cooling the ardor of the Hollywood elite to fund the Obama's agenda, we mere mortals might see some reduced ticket prices on the movies that degrade in many cases our core values. Just a thought.
           The other is a War On Spending Inequality---simply put at the federal level our gang of 536 spend too much, are immune to the adverse laws and regulations and  economic winds that blow upon the rest of us, and view the taxpayer as their own never-ending checkbook.  And since in the words of that failed candidate Michael Dukakis, "A fish rots at the head.'',  let's start this war with outrage over our having to pick up the over $2,000,000 it will cost to fly an empty Air Force One back to Hawaii to pick up Michelle so Obama can give her some extra days in the sun alone as a 50th birthday present. A great gift idea Mr. President, especially in view of the freezing weather and her look at you as you and the Danish Prime Minister were yucking it up in a "selfie" at Mandela's memorial service, but a man of integrity and less hypocrisy would have paid for the Air Force One costs himself or at least had his election committee paid for it but not the U.S. taxpayers many of whom as you so eloquently pointed out on TV are struggling to put food on the table or gas in the car to look for work. 
Two Front War
America has always been able to fight two front wars
Time to add to the War on Income Inequality another to keep score
Time for a War on Spending Inequality to wage
As another example of waste and taxpayer fleece hits the  front page
One should never a Hawaiian extension to a wife complain
Especially as temperatures in the East go down the drain
Where mere mortal husbands in the doghouse for "selfie" flirt
With only a dozen roses could escape the scorn and the hurt
Obama and the kids return to D.C. on Air Force One
While Michelle as a gift basks in a few more days of sun
But before we applaud our leader for a 50 yr. birthday gift choice
All off us should stay the hands, stop and listen to this questioning voice
No way Michelle will fly back on the "Friendly Skies" to D.C.
No way she could stand in a TSA line, beltless and shoeless with her loss of dignity
No way she could hitch a ride on numerous scheduled military flights
No, that probably would dull the gift, could not be right
So an empty Air Force One at $182k per hour will be sent
To fly back Michelle when jobless Americans have trouble paying the rent
That is inequality not fairly spent and why this war should be fought
Your wife's birthday gift is not something we should be forced to have bought
© January 6, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 

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