Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Little Sisters Of The Poor Saved By Justice Sotomayor

First rule in any war be it on Poverty, Drugs, or Income Inequality is that you try to protect your point boots on the ground. If anyone could be viewed as being on the point, a good case could be made for the case could be made for the Little Sisters of the Poor, nuns who provide medical and hospice care to the poor. Do not know the statistics of coverage, but I would guess that most of these recipients do not have insurance. I have not summoned the courage and stamina and spare contacts to wade though that great killer of trees--The Affordable Care Act, but it would appear that mandated insurance bust provide for birth control/abortion pills. As a matter of faith, the Little Sisters will not do this.
       One would think that the cost of contraceptives for women ($15-$50) or the abortion pill ($350-800) would be a cost that most women or, especially in the case of an abortion pill, most women and their partner would be able to afford the cost as opposed to having it built into every policy including for women who can no longer conceive or who have infertile partners or who rely on their partner's protection. It is not and the mandate is in direct conflict with the faith of the Little Sisters.   
       Why the Justice Department has chosen this group of nuns to attack is beyond me; once again it calls into question the judgment of the President and his "Fast and Furious" AG, Eric Holder.  It is like the government of India seeking to fine Mother Teresa for not having a license to care for the poor. Fortunately, Justice Sotomayor has issued a TRO stopping the Justice Department in its tracks. This is a case worth watching and if Obama's ego was not clogging his cranial thought canals, he would reach into his bag of exemptions and grant one. Enough prose---

Do Not Mess with the Little Sisters of the Poor
Sadly with a defective ACA, Obama has his back up against the wall
Any chink in the armor of the ACA is viewed as causing a fatal fall
Putting his name on this disaster, while a great anti-Obama election cry,
Spawns the collateral damage that means any hope for compromise will die
But to attack these Sisters, one's imagination completely defies
And the elderly poor who for care upon these Sisters must rely
The legacy of Sandra Fluke's impassioned plea for contraceptives that 99 percent of us can afford
Has become to the Sisters an unwanted and very deadly two edged sword
And to Obama the other edge,  another slam on the ACA he must know he does not need
And still the voices pleading for compromise he either cannot or will not heed
Each period has been a death of thousand cuts
He cannot on this story the doors finally shut
So like the Germans who the Channel they could not cross
Turns his attention to a new front, to avoid a complete legacy loss
Ironic that the Sisters who are in point position on helping the neediest of the poor
Have become his target as faith prohibits them contraceptive devices to insure
Like the War on Poverty, this War on Income Inequality will fail because it is ill-conceived
Pray only sooner so the loss of trillions and countless jobs lost we will not have to grieve
What is needed is a War on NonCompromise and the first landing is on Obama Beach
If we fail in this War, it should be clear, any economic and fiscal victories will fade beyond our reach. 
© January 7, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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