Monday, January 6, 2014

Boeing Unions' Economic Reality Seattle Minimum Wage Follies

It would appear that once again, our President is showing his lack of political skills. Despite the chaos of the roll out of the ACA and the potential jobs that will be lost along with the potential loss of control of the Blue Senate, the sounds of silence on what to do to improve the ACA are the only real sounds heard from the White House. This is somewhat surprising that someone whose credibility is so riddled with periods would not be bending over backwards to be seen as the Great Conciliator (like what he promised when he ran in 2008). After all it is the goal of both Reds and Blues to insure access to quality health care (remember an insurance policy under the ACA is not quality health care)  to all citizens and to enable them to purchase insurance they desire or deem fit for their needs.
            Instead one can already hear the trumpets calling his base to wave the placards of income inequality as if the transfer of income will be the magic wand that will solve the "income inequality" problem. The wands the Great Conciliator now evolved into the Great Magician seek to extend unemployment benefits as the economy slowly turns around with more and more jobs available and to increase the minimum wage which may have the result of putting more people out to work.  Unlike the Obama Care cram down where even Pelosi admitted the bill have to be passed to know what was in it, these are issues that cry out for rational, reasoned debate and discussion, which given the debate over the shutdown or the national debt seem somewhat pie in the sky. Of course poets can dream as can all of us that to whom I with some disrespect refer to as the Gang of 536 can actually do what we sent them to do, resolve our issues.
Boeing Realties Seattle Follies
It is the first full work week of the New Year 2014
The hint of compromise may be fast disappearing from the political scene
Desperate to deflect the website snafus and the fear of Obama care
Blues are floating the income inequality balloons into the air
Long term Unemployment Benefits to once again extend
Another Blue push to raise minimum wage soon to impend
Noble goals to be sure, but the motives may not be pure
Not for good of country, but control of Senate to insure
Learned minds on both sides without political rhetoric can the merits debate
On the impact on growth and jobs that extensions or raise would create
But perhaps one should take note of events in Seattle taking place
In one case, Boeing Unions in order to stay in the job security race
Give back a portion of benefits so Boeing does not move production to right to work states
While Seattle raises minimum wage to highest in the land to put more on a worker’s plate
If I am a small business owner, will I hire at any more at $15 or cutback workers and wait?
If I can, why not move out of Seattle to a neighboring town?
Cannot for the sake of my workers and family run the business into the ground
No one is going to achieve income equality earning forever the minimum wage
No matter how high, how quickly or in how many increasing stages
Without an entry job, no one will get the experience to put on the resume page
To lift them to a higher job and escape poverty’s shackled, despairing cage
Here is an idea to make the minimum wage increase a pill all can swallow
And render the rhetoric about inequality not needed and only hollow
Provide for a lower minimum for teens most likely not the winner for the family the bread
But who really need the skills and experience jobs provide to be able to move ahead
We are and should be a nation with compassion for our fellow citizen mates
A plea that for once, politics by Reds and Blues to be put aside and rhetoric abate.
© January 6, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 

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