Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Opening Salvos Of Imperial Presidency

As the President prepares to be watched by less than 40 million Americans most likely burned out by the months of gridlock and anxiety and stress over the ACA or "Obama Care," our President has just fired the opening salvoes of the War on Congress. Unlike the bogus War on Women, this War may become all too real with Obama doing what too many Presidents are prone to do---to expand the scope of the power of the Executive Office. Raising the minimum wage required to be paid to workers performing services on contracts with the federal government will have little impact on expenditures due to the probable absence of workers at minimum wage unless pay rates are linked or pegged to the minimum wage.
        The act should be a mobilization call to those of us concerned over the need to maintain the Separation of Powers. This is not an issue of a Red President or a Blue President it is an issue of the usurpation of Congressional power which is a fundamental cornerstone of the Republic. Time for Senator Reid to wake up and recognize the need for his Blue minions to push back on this planned Presidential power grab. 
The announcement of the first pen mandate could be the first ranging shot
Of an Imperial Presidency's Congress-be-damned-no-quarter onslaught
Given the bloat of federal contracts, doubt if many employees are at minimum wage
So the cost to us taxpayers will not the fires of further overruns rage
But this must be more than the need to his base assuage
No, this is the pen seeking to rewrite the Separation of Powers page
As his pen is making the final touches to what could be a gauntlet speech
It should be quaking and shaking as the Reds push an ACA solution into the breech
The Devil will be in the details, but one thing should be very, very clear
After the website rollout and privacy risk we should want the feds no where near
Preexisting conditions to be covered; at first glance a real attempt to this mess solve
Pooling of small employers for better deals and ban the Feds to get the states involved
Hopefully, the pen is not trapped in his legacy, ego land
Time to toss out the sheet music of this Imperial Presidency
© January 28,2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet


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