Monday, January 27, 2014

Is Obama the New Richelieu Play

The State of the Union Address will be delivered on January 28, 2014 and already rumblings are being heard that this President will seek to expand Executive Orders to whenever possible avoid Congress and render the Congress impotent in terms of participating in solving issues facing this country. President Obama is not the first nor the last President to out of frustration or otherwise seek to minimize the power of the Congress through the growth of the power of the Executive Branch, through a combination of regulations and executive orders or in the case of the ACA, unilaterally amend sections of the ACA without any Congressional involvement. Dangerous precedence that transcends whatever party holds the White House! In this Presidential power grab of fundamental proportions, one thing is certain---the 2014 elections will be vital, especially if the Reds have a chance to regain the Senate. President Obama may seek to ignore the House, but against a Red House and Red Senate, his chances of being successful will be severely curtailed.
Is Obama the New Richelieu Play
"The pen is mightier than the sword" has been true since spoken in Richelieu in 1839
But it is a sword not Congress that how the might was to be defined
For our President to now Congress seek to with phone and pen trump
Is more than a sign of desperation as his ratings continue to slump
This is  the sign of a legacy-driven Imperial President that should send out a chill
Separation of powers to be scrapped to circumvent Congressional will
Compromise of Reds and Blues  that creates on some issues a blended purple tinge
Is a long overdue idea, but a purple Presidential trim should make us cringe
A president with a pen should use it to veto all day long
To rise above party winds and majority fads to keep this Republic strong
Where is the Blue Senate or due to Reid's iron rules have they been numbed?
Can they not visualize the power creeping banging of Presidential drums?
To threaten an equal branch with executive orders to in essence dismiss
Is the first step, slippery at that, down into the sinkhole of tyranny's abyss
If his phone were to be used for meetings, not photo ops, to suggest
We might have some chance to this partisanship allay and arrest
At least, have the Senate and House close ranks and a Presidential power grab resist
Not a Red or Blue issue, only how to contain on the body politic, a power grabbing infectious cyst
© January 27, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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