Monday, January 6, 2014

Packing Heat In Chicago Even In Arctic Vortex

         The Chicago City Council passed an ordinance banning all sales of firearms within city limits of Chicago. A federal judge found the ordinance overreaching and ruled it to be unconstitutional but stayed his ruling so the City could appeal. As long as we have a 2nd Amendment the debate over control will continue and in Chicago's case even more interesting as the news also indicates that the murder rate has dropped to the lowest level in years, probably as a direct result of the ability of city residents to carry concealed weapons.  Hard to imagine anyone dumb enough, foolish enough,  or brave enough to go outside in the weather with or without heat, but the decision bears watching as it heads up to a potential day at the Supreme Court
Packing Heat In Chicago Even In Arctic Vortex
In the education and mental usually left far behind
But in the survival mode their reptilian brains are far from extinct
If a target is packing more likely to stop and think
No wonder the murder rate in Chicago continues to drop
No criminal trying to rob wants a bullet to stop
Sanity in Chicago at the District Court still reigns
Another misguided assault on the Second a judge restrains
Since the 99 percent cannot a private army recruit
Unlike the 1 percent, they may need to pack and know how to shoot
Not only was the law overreaching, it was pathetic and dumb
Loss of taxes on sales outside the city, mere pandering to gun control drums
© Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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