Friday, February 14, 2014

Arctic Vortex And Sochi The Perfect One Two Punch

The Southeast and Northeast were hammered again with almost two feet of snow in some places with yet another Arctic Vortex hitting the area. Traffic in shambles, flights cancelled, people dying and massive power outages. Some humor although not much as new Mayor of NYC and the weather forecaster go at it for the schools, after being warned well in advance of the snowfall coming, did not cancel, exposing a good number of kids to Arctic survival training trudging to school in an snow storm only to be shortly thereafter turned around and sent home. The new mayor may be a progressive but the weather could care less upon weather inequality.
     Climate change models are beyond this poet's comprehension; only that it seems strange to have global warming warnings as the largest and one of the deepest lakes on the planet, Lake Superior is almost frozen over. Yet Sochi is unseasonably warm but the Olympics are proceeding without a hitch as Putin had ordered tons upon tons of snow brought in. Add to the difficulties of climate change prediction the little mini nuclear winter impact of a volcano on Java spewing tons of ash into the sky to block out the Sun and it is best to stop worrying and turn on MSNBC free of its pinheads and watch the stones, not the Rolling Stones, but the sliding stones of curling--fascinating!
      Stay warm and safe in the colder parts of this nation and enjoy another muse comment.

Arctic Vortex and Sochi One Two Punch

When it comes to trying to get the facts on Global Warming somewhat straight
If stranded snow bound in a car in the Carolinas I’d rather wait
Only a brave or foolish soul on global warming would continue to predict
As Lake Superior is freezing over and all lake traffic to interdict
On Desperation Day, the driest month for NYC
The city has a deep snowy blanket as far as the eye can see
From the Gulf to the Maine and the Great Lakes
Arctic blast after blast with increasing lives to with it take
One month of weather, a warming or cooling trend does not create
But the Midwest and Northeast cannot the freezing gods of snow and ice abate
Storm after storm with another standing in line
How can these be part of the global warming design?
As my fellow Americans trudge through the sleet and snow
With temperatures falling into the freezing lows
A slight sense of gratitude on which in these storms to reflect
With the weather news front and center and another storm to maybe expect
No more time for Christie bashing hogging up all the mass media airtime
Need to put the pinheads into the streets to see how we can survive the freezing climes
Add the Sochi coverage on NBC and it’s a combo punch that leaves them unable to speak
Bravo! Bravo! -- even if it is curling watching the stone and sweepers the perfect path to seek
For all of California’s faults and from San Andreas, Inglewood to Sacramento we have a growing list
Although we are in drought land, at the beach it is warm and the snow and sleet do not exist.

© February 14, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet


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