Thursday, February 6, 2014

Olympic Canine Truce Taliban Won't Let Canine Loose

    There has been a lot of press over the security concerns at the Winter Olympics at Sochi. At least one of the more outrageous plans of Putin's State to kill all the stray dogs in and near Sochi has been shelved for no. Ironic that many of the strays became strays after their owners' were demolished to make room for the Winter Olympics and their owners were moved into high apartments where have a dog is problematic. Putin found out very quickly that although you can put people into a Gulag or otherwise torture or kill them, killing dogs is a far different matter and a firestorm of outrage erupted. The planned killings came to a screeching halt and shelters are being formed for the dogs.
     In another canine related matter the Taliban, those paragons of decency and humane treatment of civilian noncombatant men, women and children, have just captured a British war dog serving in Afghanistan. Not sure of their plans or whether even a replication of Panda diplomacy in the form of captured canine diplomacy is possible. Maybe if the canine prisoner puts his paw on a confession and an agreement that he will never sniff again against the Taliban or if the Taliban look at world reaction to the Russians' plans for the strays, they might let him go--Doubt it but there is hope especially if drones are in the neighborhood sniffing and looking for a Taliban hydrant to lift a leg and mark with an exploding warhead. Hope you enjoy the comment below.

Not good news for luchshiy drug cheloveka, Russian for man’s best friend
Russians were planning to kill all stray dogs and to canine hell send
Too many homes destroyed to build venues for the Sochi Olympic feats
Too many former owners relocated into high rises where dogs are too hard to keep
Korea’s Olympics had a similar problem to put to rest
Dog eateries during Olympics quietly closed to their dining guests
Putin needs another scandal like he needs a hole in the head
So to the relief of canine lovers, the killing fields will not move ahead
Better yet, although Putin’s Russian state may be cruel and without heart
Its citizens are not, giving to shelters so cobakas’ killings do not start
At least until the eternal Olympic torch will burn no more,
Stray dogs are safe will not be killed by the score
After the cameras shut down and from Sochi the world leaves
Putin has enough problems with dissent; my guess is the dogs get a reprieve
News from the Taliban for canines is another matter that should cause us concern
A war dog’s nose is the one weapon all Taliban fear and dread
Sniffs out the IEDs so NATO soldiers’ lives and limbs are not shed
A Brit war dog has been captured by the Taliban, who all decency spurn
If there is a Hell in Islam, these Paradise seeking killers of civilian innocents will surely burn
Doubt if the mullahs might suggest that the Geneva Convention ideals for canines these martyrs should learn
Just another reason to treat these jihadists as mad, rabid dogs, and give them a bone
Not beef, pork, chicken, or chew toy, but a very big and deadly Predator drone.

© February 6, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet   

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