Thursday, February 20, 2014

Obama Called Saved By The River

   In 2012 the Nebraska Legislature enacted a statute giving the state government not the PUC the right to approve the Keystone PipelineXL route through the state. After approval, three landowners filed suit to block and yesterday Judge Stephanie Stacy ruled that the statute was unconstitutional and blocked the pipeline dead in its tracks. The state will appeal and pending the appeal maybe the PUC could quickly act, but my guess is a long delay. If I am right, President Obama has been handed a get of jail card on a silver platter. He intone that he wants the pipeline to help Blue Senators running in Red states whose losses cannot occur if Obama is to retain control of the Senate, but rightfully so he can intone the need to observe the law and wait until the issue is resolved. Also probably keeps the $100 million promised by his multibillionaire friend Tom Steyer and gets Kerry off the hook also with his numerous and wealthy Green friends.
     What is tragic and yet another reason why there must be a landslide of avalanche proportions against Blues in House and Senate is that the oil in the tar sands is not going to stay there at over $100 a barrel; Trans-Canada will say enough delay and route the pipeline British Columbia to waiting Chinese tankers to the tune of 800,000 barrels a day--no confidence that the U.S, is a country to do business with, no increased jobs, no further independence from oil in chaotic lands, but further fuel to China's growing stature. My muse comments below--only hope that Trans-Canada has a little patience and maybe a Plan B to circumvent the delay it will face.

The River Of Get Out Of Keystone Jail
Obama and his terrified Senate Blues get a Keystone get out of jail card
Pressure building on him to approve the pipeline he could not retard
On the horns of a dilemma with no teleprompter behind which to hide
His Green supporters demanding he be on the block Keystone side
Blue senators running for careers in Red states trying to save their hides
Delay, delay but then a report which puts bogus claims to rest
Can Obama somehow dodge the bullet and Keystone’s construct arrest?
Killing jobs and freeing us more from oil from uncertain lands
Looks like against his better judgment, called, he is going to have to declare his hand.
Then saved by the Flop, saved by a Nebraska District Court Judge
Law unconstitutional she rules, so pipeline stops, will not budge
Know not the facts of Nebraska PUC law and whether she was right or wrong
But given much more delay, Keystone XL notes to hear are of a final swansong
Just like possession can be nine tenths of the law
Delay trumps pipeline need, smoothes over the opposition’s flaws.
And Obama, watch him with a serious solemn face bemoan the pipeline delay
Knowing that he’s off the hook and Keystone through U.S. will never see light of day
It will, however. like the setting Sun find its way to the West and to the Chinese
Hope we remember those 800,000 barrels daily short in the next unrest or winter freeze.
Plus a lot of jobs lost at high rates for which we should point fingers and vote in rage.
For emboldened, with his Blue senators off the hook, Obama can on the War on Fossil continue to wage.
© February 20, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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