Sunday, February 9, 2014

DUI Deads How To Slow Or Block

     The news coming out of Pomona, CA today broke my heart; six innocents killed, a 22 year old female driver in the hospital with severe injuries but expected to live and to face felony charges if the blood tests come back showing above .08 which from the news I suspect will be the case. We have the ability to significantly reduce the incidence of DUI related deaths--all we need is the will. Vapor Interlocks which prevent ignition although not perfect and may be in some cases inaccurate work--you cannot be guilty of a DUI related death, injury or property if you can't start the car. My condolences to the six as yet unnamed victims and also to the driver who may well spend the majority of her adult life in prison. I can only hope our legislators read this and start thinking of constructive ways to reduce the carnage other than increasing the jail or prison population or the coffers of the rehab facilities or DMV schools which are somewhat useless to be charitable. Might even take a bite out of the lawyers' fees and reduce court congestion and the need for more jailers at the outrageous salaries and benefits paid to them.
Keep It Simple Keep It Safe--A Great KISS For Valentine's Day
We have made in auto safety, emissions, and mileage great legal strides
 But one area still lacking to insure a safe ride
 Air bags, crash bumpers, headlights, turn indicators, harnesses you must use
 All help to insure in driving your life and limbs you may not lose
 But the news of 6 dead near Pomona shows we still in safety lag and lack
Time for a fresh look at the DUI driver problem we try to attack
 Rehab, AA, jails, prisons, fines, loss of license, insurance costs rise
Do not seem to really, really curb DUIs, to no one's complete surprise
 Some help with AA, rehab, the designated driver and free cab rides on New Year's Eve
But too many more crosses on the roads for families & friends to grieve
We have the technology that’s so easy to install
That would curtail this pox upon us, end its deadly pall
Today, you cannot a car without a catalytic converter buy
Here’s a simple device to cut down on the number of deaths or injuries from DUIs
No car should be able to be driven unless it has a vapor interlock
If the breath is at or near .08, the ignition of a car it will block
No longer should we wait until the DUI to install
That's just playing roulette, dodging the certain writing on the wall
Some may figure out how to remove or borrow someone's lungs
But in the end the number of deaths and injuries will go to lower ladder rungs
Just like the smog check you need to each year in California pass
Show the interlock works to respond to too much alcohol gas
Some added costs to monitor will exist for sure
But pale by the fines and increased costs to insure
Jail, court, DMV schools and rehab revenues may take a hit
Too bad, if jailers reduced and DUI carnage is slowed or quits
© February 9, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet  

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