Friday, February 7, 2014

Harwinton Consolidated School Does Not Rock

    Kudos to Todd Starnes for exposing yet another PC idiocy and parental rights overstepping in our public schools. The culprit this time is Harwinton Consolidated School in Harwinton, Connecticut whose principal has banned all candy from being exchanged on Valentine's Day by the elementary school kids. Obesity is bad and American children seemed to be getting heavier due to diet and too much texting and not enough exercise. But what the kids eat is something the parents should choose not the principal, who should be spending her time on improving the education taught there.
     Elementary school children are like sponges, they absorb from their surroundings and learn very quickly that what people do is more telling than what they say. If you want to see the lesson of hypocrisy on the issue of overweight, I commend you to the website for the Harwinton Consolidated Schools-principals page   I only hope some innocent 4th grader Romeo enamored by his 4th grade Juliet is not suspended for smuggling in and  giving her a heart shaped candy "You Rock".  My short muse comments follow:

We all note that too much sugar and calories in a diet take an unhealthy toll
Type II, high blood pressure, heart stress--yes reducing obesity is a noble goal
But a few V-day chocolates or candy does not make one overweight
Even if it did, what gives a school the right to control our kids’ nutrition gate?
If I were a parent in Harwinton to my child having to explain
A rule that I thought to be over reaching on my parent’s rights and insane
Would be difficult and would be hard to explain why we have to obey the rules
Even when they have no right to be by edict enforced at Harwinton Consolidated School
When my child looked up at me with his small candy hearts that say “you rock”
“Why dear parent can Ms. Mazzei and Ms. Kennedy our Valentine candy block?
When both of them seem overweight if not obese
And at home I eagerly say ‘pass the veggies please’.”
I would be speechless but my anger would surely rise
Another foolish overstepping of parents’ rights that needs a quick demise
At least blocking candy is not as bad as Fort Collins trying to block “America Day”
We need to upon the school board and media descend; another idiotic PC dragon we must send from our school away.
© February 7, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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