Monday, February 3, 2014

Red Dawn Calumet Your Name Is Fort Collins

    Very troubling news from Fort Collins High School in Fort Collins, Colorado. The principal there Mark Eversole banned the students there from celebrating during the upcoming Spirit Week "Merica Monday" to show pride in this country. Eversole's administration thinking, I guess, that a student is more like lobster or crab who has just molted and has no shell only the thinnest of skin and would be horribly traumatized and offended. Such a belief is so far removed from the overwhelming majority of teenagers today, exposed to drugs, sex, overdoses, school shootings, more violence than you could ever image and very hard economic times they must see their parents going through.
    Fortunately one of Fox's finest Todd Starnes came to the rescue and exposed to this inanity and surprise the alternative also rejected by Eversole, "My Country Monday" was suddenly approved. It is fitting that Mark has the name he does. Given his acts, he needs to take a hike, and keep on walking away from this school as a principal never to be seen again in a principal role where he has any degree of administrative power. FYI Calumet, Colorado, south of Fort Collins, was the town in Red Dawn which was in the zone of America occupied by the Russians and Nicaraguans with free America off to the East.  Starnes article is at

My Country Is America, On Monday And Each And Every Day
God help us if the Fort Collins High School principal represents education's brightest and the best
To ban “Merica Day” but not Twin Day or PJ Day on Spirit Week because it might offend--give it a rest!
Whether a student was born here and can trace his genes back to an igloo 20,000 years ago
After coming across the land bridge formed due to the Ice Age glaciers advance and increasing snow
Or whether a student was born here but his parents landed at St. Augustine or Plymouth Rock
Or whether a student was born here to parents just crossing a river or smuggled onto a dock
Or whether a student with his parents at a tender young age came to improve their lives
This nation's name is America where opportunity, freedom and diversity can thrive
One flag, many tongues, but English for most arrivals trying to learn
This principal's PC ban is something that we all, both native-born and immigrant, should have grave concern
The students tried to appease and picked “My Country Monday” but fared no better
This principal again said no and American pride would remain in his PC fetters
It was almost a scene from the high school in Calumet in “Red Dawn”
But this is Fort Collins not a school in the bowels of Mexico City, Saigon or Tehran
So after the vigilance of Todd Starnes who, outraged, started to make some irate calls
Exposed to his inanity, this principal says “My Country Monday” can be used after all
PC compliant, somewhat generic, a bit bland, but all should take careful note
Its name is America and this “my country” its growth and defense you should your loyalty devote!
I wonder if this principal, Mark Eversole, has the guts or decency to his position to justify
Not just to the parents but to the vets defending America who have seen their buddies in combat maimed or die
While watching the tears and cracks in their voices and then learning what it costs to freedom buy
Doubt it, I really do; just another coward willing join the "sensitivity" PC parade
Another example of an educator who deserves a complete failing grade!

© February 3, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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