Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pass The Wine But Cut The School Lunch/Obesity Is A Lawyer's Best Friend

     For those of you who do not have kids in school or they go to a school with lunches you have packed for them, you might be pleased to know that for parents who do have kids in schools that have cafeterias, the federal government regulates the calorie maximums for school breakfasts and lunches--talk about one meal fits all regardless of a child's size, that child's basal metabolism rate or activity level, eg sports. And if that does not raise your ire, what about the fact that is it not the parent's right to determine what that parent wants that child to eat? I certainly understand minimums; no child should be deprived of minimum caloric requirements but maximums?
     So far we have not evolved like the Harwinton School that banned candy to be brought to school for Valentine's Day; can you imagine a TSA like scene where kids are frisked and back packs emptied to make sure no candy contraband? Just as my ire was rising I read of a House Bill being introduced by a Red, of course, limiting the amount of calories to be served at state dinners to no more that served in federal school meal programs. If wine were included in the count, can you imagine how quickly D.C. as a venue for foreign dignitaries would become as popular as eating at the Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles. Bill will not pass but at least provoked a laugh.
     Obesity among our children is a growing problem, but having the federal government solve it by diet control is really overreaching. As much as I detest the two legged parasites--class action lawyers, the news bubbling is that food companies may be targeted for class action lawsuits for causing obesity.  Hope you enjoy the muse comment and if you have any juice in the Obama White House, lobby now for an invite to state dinner--who knows, maybe the next one will be an apple, peanut butter and jelly sandwich (with appropriate peanut allergy waiver) and a small milk and coffee but certainly no tea.
Pass The Wine But Cut The School Lunch

We all agree that obesity is a growing plague
Too many calories and not enough walking and running on our legs
Once again our nanny government in our lives by edict rules
How many calories at lunch and breakfast can be eaten at school
Whatever happened to the idea that growing kids need to eat
And their parents get to decide what foods and how much their kids get to greet
In a symbol with about as much of a chance
As Quixote spearing a windmill with his lance
A bill to limit the calories at state dinners to the same as can be eaten in school
If there was such a thing as a morning after gluttony pill the sellers would drool
The state dinner honoring the French President went off the caloric charts, any diet disowned
Add the wines and the calorie counters would have had all their fuses blown
It is not the cost paid for our taxpayers per diner that would have paid for a 4 score of school meals
We have to keep up appearance even if  we are broke and  not our dire red ink fiasco  truth reveal
But once again our feds controlling what again is a parent’s right
The heavy hand of government flexing its might
The feds on eating abuse and obesity are not it would appear alone
Lawyers are now circling to make food companies for obesity atone
Led by a former counsel for Kraft, they want to hold companies on the hook
If an overeater glutton  bigger portions or more servings took
Sharks in the water waiting to file class action suits
Legal insanity once again having taken root
Lawyers will get paid fees in any class action verdict to their wallets line
And the victims, coupons for discounts on same food putting them at the head of the obesity line.

© February 12, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet


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