Saturday, February 8, 2014

Iranian Mouse That Roared

    In the news we learn that that whitewater navy of note, the Iran Northern Navy, is sending two naval ships to international waters off U.S. shores to "give us a message." Not sure what the squeak might be from this miniscule show of force. Probably mere posturing and an attempt by the mullahs to show the world they are not afraid of the Great Satin. I have always been skeptical of Iran's willingness to abide by the international community's demand that it not possess nuclear weapons and that Iran's enrichment program is somehow only for peaceful purposes. The sanctions that have been eased would have been no more effective in preventing a nuclear Iran,  than the U.N. Resolutions and sanctions levied against N. Korea which did not prevent it from building a nuclear weapon and probably being of great help to Iran. 
     We must not lose sight of the message that the Iranian mullahs could care less about the hardships of the Iranian people that the sanctions have caused and may have eased as millions of fresh money is pouring into Iran's coffers due to oil during the next six months being sold.  Get a mullah to speak the truth to one of us infidels and he would probably reveal that the Iranian people need to go to Paradise anyway and leveling Israel with a nuke or two and the resulting response from us and the surviving Israelis would accelerate that process.
     What if Iran does develop a nuclear weapon and, although it does not have and probably will not have in the midterm future the ability to produce an ICBM or the technology to construct a nuclear weapon small enough to fit inside a nose cone, decides to put it aboard a ship and detonate it in the Panama Canal or in the Gulf of Mexico or near one of out major sea ports on the East Coast. Total disaster. Hopefully, this Fenwick idea would never get out of port and if somehow it did, the U.S. Navy just like it did in the case of Cuba in 1962 still has the capability to impose a blockade of Iranian ports or sink any Iranian vessel within 300 miles of our coastline or the Canal.
    Iran may be like the Mouse That Roared, but we must remember that even mice can in their fleas, carry the plague.

The New Persian Roaring Mouse
In The Mouse That Roared the Grand Duchy of Fenwick
Sent its tiny army forth looking for not victory but defeat aid laid thick
Today the Persian Fenwick announces a message by sending out a tiny whitewater fleet
Not to Hormuz but to near U.S. waters,  charading as a naval force elite
Should we sound general quarters, prepare to send our ships into harm’s way
Or after three months on station hold our noses as the stench drifts across our beaches and bays?
The sons of the Persian Xerxes may in their quest to control the waves have made some advance
But against the U.S. Navy these two meager ships would have not a remote survival chance
A Marshall Plan in quick sinking defeat today they will not receive
Too many dollars into their coffers as sanctions we have eased
Iran does not have at least  yet unless from Putin it buys
An ICBM nuked armed to bring death and destruction from the sky
Should we worry if in Iran under the inspection nose a nuke is secretly constructed
Completed but with no way to go, no way to the Great Satan injured or destructed?
Or do we ignore and assume that with our nuclear might that would Iran completely doom
That the mullahs after posturing and beard stroking will come back into the rational civilized room?
But the news of two warships coming to our international waters just off shore
Maybe the nuke danger alert meter should toward Midnight soar
Iran is on a path that it will not leave, to build or buy a nuke
It will not be stopped by sanctions or diplomatic rebukes
Maybe the mullahs believe their own hype and false appeal
Believe it’s time to inject Paradise trips into the national fabric and zeal.
What do we do when Iran decides to engage in a “Paradise Cruise?”
Not to island Edens, but to the waiting arms of virgins all troubles to soothe
Two ships in international waters with a nuke or radioactive material stuffed in their holds
Will our commander in chief have the fiber to forego diplomacy and take action immediate and bold?
As the quest for nukes continues on the world stage to move on to other acts
We hope this Fenwick cruise is all mouse roar and not a test run for a Great Satan attack

© February 8, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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