Friday, February 21, 2014

Webs We Weave Mike Morell Deceives Will Hillary Grieve

     What is ironic is that had you asked Americans on the eve of the Presidential election in 2012 if they would not vote for Obama because, despite his sound bites of "Osama's dead but GM is alive", 4 Americans were killed in Benghazi,  an overwhelming majority would have said "huh?" and when informed where Benghazi was,  would have most likely said that it was not a factor.  Obama must not have viewed it at the moment as threatening to his reelection as he went off to Vegas to raise money.
      Like Nixon before him, the event is not as important as the cover-up. We may never know why Morell, as finally e-mails are being released that reveal a systematic pattern to deceive the American public, changed the talking points memo to create the aura of a spontaneous video-induced attack as the cause of the deaths, not any rising terror. Was it to protect the woman he knew he would be able to work for or out of loyalty to her? Unless part of a potential plea bargain, we may never know.
      Looking back at the coverage and the pursuit of the truth, once again the media by and large quickly moved on. The video became and remained the mantra and Obama was re-elected. The Blues disappeared from any real attempts to discover why it happened, how it happened and what we failed to do at the highest levels of the White House and the State Department to have prevented the deaths.  2016 will be soon upon us and although it may be premature to have Hillary today be picking her transition team, one lesson hopefully has been learned by the American voters and by the mainstream media--infatuation with electing a President who is Black or who is a woman without regard to skill, integrity, and character is a recipe for disaster and a recipe for a complete withering and impotence of the 4th Estate.  Muse comments follow. 

Like a good soldier, Mike  Morell knew where his butter was to in the future be spread
Osama was fish food, Al Qaeda on the run, how before the election to have 4 Americans dead?
I do not know if Morell behind the video farce was the genius to it create
High stakes here: an Obama reelection bid and Hillary in four lying in wait
But it would appear from the emails on the "talking points" he knew the score
If Obama's mantra “Osama dead GM survives” was to lead to four more
Mortars and heavy weapons had to have been pulled out of the video response hat
Ere Obama's reelection chances might be body slammed to the election mat
Morell may have committed perjury and should back to the witness stand be recalled
With or without the fifth, we need to cuff him as hands behind, legs apart he faces the wall
There must be a special place in the circles of Hell for those who to win an election deceive
With his words and silence next to Clapper will Hillary be snared in the web of deception he weaved.
Hillary hearing of the emails must finally be starting to cringe
Even his reward of Gatekeeper at Beacon may not curb Morell's desire to sing
Rice was so believable appearing at Hillary's behest on the Sunday talk shows
With Morell's changed talking points on the video, her legitimacy he did bestow
In her heart with Cairo in flames and jihadists reacting to slights in ways we would view insane
Duped like the rest of us she may have initially thought the video was what inflamed
Obama was told almost in real time by Panetta that Benghazi was a terrorist attack
But not serious enough for his campaign Vegas fundraiser to cancel or sidetrack
He must have known but to be reelected in his mind he had to have the truth concealed
Slowly, but slowly, the lie unravels, the truth beginning to be revealed
To find decay and rot in animals just follow your nose to the smell
In human deceit just follow the money for it takes so little for honesty to sell
Morell, you were the political equivalent of a Judas to change the memo and the truth never to tell
You've been caught by the e-mails; you will not be saved by the 2012 election bell
Hillary, no matter how hard you try
No matter how many of your minions divert and deny
At the point of 2016 as the truth leaves your chances in tatters
You were wrong those deaths really did matter
Obama, assuming you have a conscience left to soul search with a legacy in the trash heap
Look into the mirror of "they died; I lied" and the Obamacare lies you knew you could not keep.
Blues who turned deaf ears and had silent lips to the Benghazi deaths and cover up,
If 4 Americans abandoned and left to die matter, your terms should come to an  end abrupt.

© February 21, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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