Friday, February 21, 2014

Greed Knows No Pig Like A Retired Sheriff

      Without fail, every time I  think it is safe to rhyme about human emotions and spirits and be freed of the mundane columns on hypocrisy, dishonesty, greed, ineptness, money influence and a never ending  host of other failings in our body politic, the news of yet another retired public "servant", this time a Sheriff of Ventura County whose retirement pay is more than his last year of compensation, seeking more money in a court of law. At least Brooks will be the poster child of a referendum in Ventura seeking to eliminate defined benefit plans and offer only 401(k)s for new employees. Almost 3/4 of Ventura voters are in favor, but, of course, if it passes look to court challenges by the unions representing our public "servants". Almost every state in this country due to spineless elected officials who sated on the proverbial mother's milk from public unions is facing huge unfunded pension liabilities. When are we going to relegate defined benefit plans to the footnote of history and when will we either eliminate the public unions or at least eliminate their ability to collect dues or require approval before dues are spent for political purposes? Or to frame the question in another way, how many Stocktons, Vallejos and Detroits must we endure. Hope you enjoy my muse comment below:
Sounds of Oinks in the Retirement Trough
The news out of Ventura County should have taxpayers in a fit of absolute rage
As yet another public “servant” from the pension trough cannot disengage
Another former sheriff with a pension all mere mortals would aspire
Benefits beyond our fondest dreams when one would retire
Leaving a job at a salary of 227 thou yet a pension check of 50 grand more
Any wonder why the unfunded liabilities in California continue to soar
What is tragic is that he is not a lone wolf, our retired Sheriff Robert Brooks
Only a man with a spineless Board and a great lawyer to know how to read a benefits book
The news without the sounds of oinks and slurps another item reveals
Brooks is suing for more, needs 76 grand as part of the law’s retirement deal
In the 60’s and 70’s unrest all cops were unfairly labeled as pigs
Attacking protestors, Blacks, Hispanics and throwing them into the brig
The true pigs were not in uniform protecting our streets
But in civilian clothes after retirement with guaranteed and rising benefits to greet
With the growth of public unions and contributions to fuel a candidate’s for office run
Our public “servants” have seen their benefits and pensions rise at a pace that can only stun
With gimmicks akin to fraud like uniform allowances, bonus, vacation and sick pay for pension
Creating a system we cannot afford and Red or Blue all should detest and no one should like
There is a silver lining in any cloud and Brooks’ greed has certainly fit the bill
Ventura will have on the ballot a referendum to defined benefits plans kill
All new employees will now have only 401(k)s and others will have to choose
Increase your contributions or a portion of your future benefits you will lose
Never underestimate the power of public unions to confuse and distort
Or flock to block the will of the people they “serve” in the courts
Already the Mayor of Ventura serving himself and in essence telling his voters to take a hike
Has announced he will file suit to correct the statement to something more likely the union will like
And like a Pavlovian canine coming to sound of a dinner bell to feed
The Blue State AG wants language in statements that may cut into the taxpayers’ lead
But almost 3 out of 4 voters who feel rightfully so they are being fleeced
Favor the referendum to have this sort of public greed end and cease
As for Brooks whether he wins or loses in court is a winner in this poet’s book
His greed was the lightening rod for us taxpayers and for fiscal sanity we finally retook.
We all should wish Ventura well and be pounding on our Boards’ doors
Demanding a similar referendum to curb pension benefits continuing to soar.
But unless public unions are either outlawed or payment of dues they cannot force
They will try to outflank us faster that a stream facing a boulder changes course
© February 21, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet  


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