Thursday, February 20, 2014

I'm From The FCC, I'm Your New Reporter

    The news today in Ukraine is very vivid, very real--dozens of civilians shot to death in protests over the government moving closer to Putin's Russia and away from the EU. Does not take a lot of thought that with even the briefest knowledge of geography and history, to know that this is or should be an issue of great concern to the West. The news in Venezuela is not much better in terms of civilians being shot in the streets; what happens there and throughout Latin American should be of concern.
     Another item making the news should be just as troubling but a little less apparent and obtuse. A report coming out of the FCC in December is now surfacing in which the FCC feels a need in order to insure "diversity" that a presence in newsrooms by the FCC may be appropriate. The head of the RNC immediately raised alarm as did Fox. The DNC silence. CNN silence. MSNBC silence. ABC silence. Regardless of how one feels that the press has largely been co-opted by the Administration that over 90% of the reporters voted for, occasionally they rise above their bias and call the Administration to task. Putting the FCC into a newsroom for whatever Obamaspeak "noble purpose" is worse than putting foxes, a lot of them, in the hen house to guard the chickens. At the end of the day, there will be no chickens, no roosters, no eggs, only feathers and happy sated foxes, with yellow yolk on their lips.  Bad idea; actually worse than bad, it is totally tragic and does not bode well for this Republic already under the chill of the IRS. My comments in muse follow:
FCC Fox To Guard The Henhouse--Are You Kidding?
The seeds of continuing to fawn over Obama by the media continue to sprout
Like lobsters in a pot with temperature rising, Obama's greatness they continue to tout
Ignore Congress and with pen change the Obamacare mandated dates
A few more degrees, warm and comfy, nothing sinister in his pen's wake
A few more degrees, it's only a bunch of fanatic tea drinkers in the scope of the IRS
They are not part of the left view, so what a chilling message of suppress
A few more degrees, warm and comfy still
We're his loyal supporters, our rights he would never kill
A few more degrees, widespread eavesdropping by the NSA
Doesn't involve mainstream media, Carney tells us another false scandal to blow away
Now the FCC wants to go into the newsrooms certainly not us only the likes of Fox
Oops there’s boiling water, my freedom of press is  now in a lobster coffin box
I had a chance to question our anointed leader our president who would be king
No one now left to hear the song of loss of press I now too late want to sing
If all the press does is accolade this Administration’s every order and step
Count if lucky the days until their fawning an imperial president forgets
Where is the outrage, where is the outcry from the media mainstream?
Sounds of silence only as the free press becomes only a forgotten dream
At least the RNC raised the alarm as did such cable outlets as Fox
The DNC and the mainstream, water too comfy, their lips were sealed and locked.

© February 20, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet  

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