Monday, February 3, 2014

The Hunger Games--The Tax Sequel

     California has become one of the Bluest of the Blue States and with it a tax more, spend more and regulate more mentality that has sent and continues to send droves of businesses to leave the state along with thousands upon thousands of jobs. On Twitter, I follow Al Ramirez, one very brave, creative thinker and entrepreneur who had the temerity to run for U.S. Senator in the Republican primary. He was not successful, but his ideas on job creation, spending, taxing, and regulatory policy were good ones. He had retweeted an article on legislation to increase the miniscule 100 million dollars of film production credits which are scooped up faster than tickets to this years Stanford/Michigan State Rose Bowl game. After reading the article and several others, and picking myself up off the floor after finding that Blue legislators were proposing the increase, I wrote this comment, in rhyme per the mantra of the this blog site. Hope you enjoy and join with me in prayer that maybe this is a sign that our Blue politicians are finally showing some sense on the needs of  private sector.
The Hunger Games--The Tax Sequel
The world may be flat in commerce and capital as we seek the best and cheapest source
But when it comes to the States, it is not level and jobs follow the tax incentive force
With film after film, show after show leaving California’s tax and regulation unfriendly state,
A light bulb finally is turned on to try to slow the flow and job loss abate
California offers a paltry 100 million in tax credits to film and TV production keep
A sum which puts us near the bottom of the tax credit incentive heap
Even the celebs that always support tax increases for the non Hollywood rich
Must now be climbing aboard the increased tax incentive wagon, supporting the pitch
Michael Moore and his like who love to capitalists and Wall Street bash
Must be applauding the move to allow the studio to recover through credits some of their cash
California lost The Hunger Games, it has lost this tax war among the states
Gatto and deLeon, both Blues have bills to increase credits to keep more production on California’s plate
Devil is always in the details and the amount of production tax credit increase is still not known
But it is so refreshing to see Blues end their spend more and tax more mantra tone
But this is a war of no quarter between the States and the other states may match
The door to production leaving the Golden State may remain unlatched
But at least a small step, at least a small start
Proves the celebs and studios have a brain and a self-interest heart
To Gatto and DeLeon and Bocanegra, another Blue who is crafting a bill in the wings
Here’s a simple idea that more job creation for us would quickly bring
Curb spending, cut taxes for all, and pare regulations to the absolute bone
Surprise, surprise watch not only production but many jobs quickly come back home.

© February 3, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet


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