Thursday, February 6, 2014

Justin Bieber The New Humpty Dumpty

As if Justin Bieber, the new LL of young stars out of control, does not have enough problems, the news in the L.A. Times indicates that the police have completed their investigation and the evidence is with the D.A. to determine whether the crime of "egging" should be a felony or treated as a misdemeanor. I have long ago given up hope on our criminal justice system because of the role money plays in determining the guilt or innocence or for that matter what crime is charged. The idea of trying someone as felon for some uncooked eggs thrown at a house strikes me as totally insane and explains to some degree why we have so many people in prison, jails, or on probation/parole in California and why we have overcrowded jails, underfunded jailers' pensions, and a revolving door that spins faster than a figure skater scoring a ten at the Sochi Winter Olympics.
      In this case however,  I might suggest the highest charge in the forlorn hope that Mr. Bieber might then realize that he is on a downward spiral that will accelerate faster than a Olympic bobsledder on an icy track with a rookie crew and defective brakes with just as much chance of a total crash and burn. I doubt if he will be convicted, but maybe the charge will be leverage to get and keep Mr. Bieber in rehab. His parents then, especially his father providing booze supposedly at the Florida drag racing/DUI, realize the severity of the legal and medical problems their son faces, might, just might, reawaken what must be very dormant or almost extinct vestiges of parenting skills they hopefully might retain. If Justin slides off with no rehab, and only a request for his autographs, this young man is on the road to total disaster, and like many addicts or alcoholics, he will drag a lot of people along for the ride. Hope you enjoy the muse observation.

Humpty-Dumpty Egged at the Wall
No King’s men to cushion the fall
Career like a rocket and now may be going down in flames
A life totally into stardom and celebrity with great haste
Whatever talent soon to go to complete waste
Was the egging of a neighbor’s mansion a drunken prank?
Or a cry for attention or help as emotions and  a career starting to tank
Justin, in the roulette game of abuse, a bullet you just dodged
DUI drag racing but no one hit; so no felonies lodged
Justin, "Recovery" is a way of life not just the title to a hit song
Get it together; drugs and alcohol just do not in your life belong
Or no more hits, no more bullets only royalties in descent
In a year or two, no celeb, no one to care where you went
Rehab and NA for real, not just a stunt for your soon-to-be disappearing fans
Or do not forget "O' Canada" as from this country as a potential drug and egg felon you may be banned
Sadly, your father who in Florida supposedly was buying his minor son booze
Should join you banned in the jail garb if your freedom for egging or drugs  you lose
But most likely we will have to let him back in
For you and lost childhood all lose, and no win.
© January 6, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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