Friday, February 14, 2014

Orange County Chairman Double Dips

Just finished reading the column by the OC Watchdog under the byline Your Tax Dollars At Work--what an oxymoron. "At Waste" would be more appropriate and on point. Hearing "at work" conjures up images of Maynard G. Krebs in Dobie Gillis hearing the word "work" and then yelping "Work!" and then shaking uncontrollably and even fainting. Humorous for a fictional character in a comical TV series but not so in real life, real taxes, real unrestrained growth of government spending. I commend to you the Watchdog's article on Shawn Fisher's double dipping car allowance due to two government positions Chairman of the OC Board and a member of the Board of the AQMB. is the link. Hope you enjoy my perspective in muse of course.

Brother Can You Spare Another Nine Grand?
I used to think that the primary colors were blue, red and green
Separate and distinct to blend all other colors to come upon the human scene
Only one color sadly is unique and that is green
The color of money taxed from us never again for useful purposes to be seen
Red and Blue masquerade as primary colors separate and distinct
After reading yet again of another hand in cookie jar can no longer so think
Orange County is supposedly the bastion of frugal conservative fiscal thought
Should have been one of the lessons that our B/K filing should have taught
But no, when it comes to personal greed a Blue and Red is exactly the same
How can we the spending growth of government ever hope to tame
When our Chairmen of our OC Board for his cars carte blanche double dips in his claim?
Last time I looked the cars are not marked in logos,  probably  seem the same
9,000 car allowance from the Board and a free car from the Board of the AQMD
Worse somehow Nelson, the impropriety of the double dip he fails to see.
Only 9 grand probably will not the County’s coffers break
Even counting the more than 100 executives who also from us take
Only another symbol of another government body whose spending is out of control
But probably complaining about the mere mortals suffering from the recession’s toll
If Nelson can look in the mirror and claim “My own car is a BMW; no need to apologize”
He is well groomed to move to the D.C. Hill to fiscal restraint sermonize
Blue and Red exactly the same, blend and mix into a common purple elite or a hole in black
Where ideals, integrity, true public service are sucked into the hole and unseen never make it back
At least we have a watchdog, who after never-ending exposure must surely tire
Of waste, abuse, and Blue=Red, Red=Blue whose ethics and actions we cannot admire

© February 14, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet


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