Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hey Jude--What A Night!

   On February 9, 1964 Ed Sullivan had a really big shew--the Beatles made their first American appearance, watched by 73 million viewers (38% of the then U.S. population) and the rest is history, billions of records sold with Ringo and Paul still performing to the delight of fans. I watched the CBS tribute to the Beatles tonight--fantastic--to see Ringo and Paul singing together  on stage (with maybe the souls of John and George joining in) with all the performers and audience joining in "Hey Jude" was priceless; hope you did not miss it. This came to me as soon as the program ended.
Hey Jude--What A Night
Pounding on the keyboard in my office at home
Crafting for another a commissioned V-Day poem
From the TV I thought I had left open a book by H.G. Wells
The 60’s songs were coming though clearer than a bell
February 9, 1964 the Beatles landed Wanting to Hold a Hand on our shores
They Saw Us Standing There; for many years their songs we wanted more
If on February 3, 1959 was The Day the Music Died
Then clearly on February 9, 1964 was the day it turbo revived
A special program on the Beatles on CBS with Paul and Ringo there
Lacking only John and George for the music memories to share
If Sullivan with his “I have a really big shew” would have been on the stage,
The time travel would have been complete, turning back the 50 year page
A night of Yellow Submarines, Norwegian Wood and Lucy with Diamonds in the Sky
Hard Day’s Night, Here Comes the Sun, for over two hours, the music could not die
Their music is truly at times immortal and 50 years from now
Another CBS special will have us clapping “Hey Jude”, hoping they would reappear to take a bow.
© February 9, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet.

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