Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day The Perfect Gift

    The poem says it all--Happy Valentines Day!--next year commission the Alaskanpoet to prepare a poem for your Valentine.

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift 

On Desperation Day I awoke in start from a nightmare dream and tossing sleep
Today was the day the seeds of procrastination I would finally reap
Had over the course of weeks made my list for my Valentine and now time to fill
Checked by cards and cash and had saved enough credit to pay the bills
The first shock was that the confectioner’s wares looked like a Stalinist GUM store
Shelves with mere scraps of non chocolates from ceiling to floor
Not a problem as my Valentine prefers not the calories to be added to her waist
Retreat over to the flower shop with all speed and due haste
The aroma off flowers was overpowering my sense of smell
Through the door a tiny thought began to dwell
“Roses have beauty and long thorny stems for petals of beauty to rest
But on the aroma side they fail the awe-the-olfactory test."
Another GUM like store with not a rose anywhere to be seen
Just a few bouquets of weeds and dandelion greens
The costume stuff in the jewelers was completely gone
Only the big rocks would suppress her not impressed yawn
Never spend a fortune before you know where to land after a leap
My new Valentine might not want to be one you would want to keep
The romantic tables were long since gone unless you wanted dinner late at 12
The Gondola in the canals, the Duffy Champagne rental back to the idea shelves
Victoria Secret would work in your Valentine tipped the scales at 220, wearing size 18
The Teddy Bear from UPS at this late date only in your Concorde dreams
The last gasp, the singing telegrams had all lost their voice
So head bowed you were left with but one choice
So after a resolution stronger than any New Year’s by a factor of ten
To treat each day with your Valentine as a Valentine’s Day and never go through this agony again
The last red ribbon in the city was found to wrap around your gift
A poet was cajoled to pen a teasing iambic sniff
“Valentine, roses may be red, but all life in the petals too quickly shed
Violets may be blue and when it comes to gifts I have no clue
But after opening this handwritten card please knock soon upon my door
A gift awaits that will melt your heart, and cause your spirits to soar
Better yet it’s a gift we can both enjoy and share, so please come quick.”
And she did, to find a red ribboned  Maltese puppy wagging tail and a stream of puppy licks.
Happy Valentine’s Day to one and to all; procrastinators can avoid the shame
You have dodged the bullet especially when you let her the Maltese puppy name.
© February 14, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet  


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