Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pelosi A Marvin K. Moody Do Not Be

     In the news today a New Jersey another career  Blue from a safe Blue House District, Robert Andrews,  announced he would not run for reelection after 12 terms. Although his reasons may be different due to a pending House ethics investigation, he joins two other long term senior career House members George Miller and Henry Waxman who very recently announced that they would not seek reelection. Whether these resignations are a factor of age or maybe a realization that the Reds will retain control and more likely than not increase the margin of control in the House and judging by the growing disapproval of the President and the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare in its short form) the Reds may regain control of the Senate, dethroning the iron rule of Harry Reid.
      I am not privy to the thoughts of the House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and given the 85:15 split of voters in her favor despaired of ever being able to replace her. She is set for life in her seat as long as she is able to breathe and even then might win in a write-in. The bombshell announced by the CBO on its neutral estimate of job loss caused by Obamacare--in excess of 2,000,000 jobs--and the impact that might have on the Reds' chances of regaining the Senate in 2014 has created for this Red poet an epiphany of monumental proportions. As one of the most vocal supporters and architects of Obamacare her running for reelection will be a lightening rod to attract a tidal wave of voters against any Blue who voted for Obamacare--don't need a pair of glasses and even if legally blind easy to point out the culprits who voted for Obamacare--every last Blue, every last one. So Ms. Pelosi please for the sake of those who wish to preserve the fiscal integrity of this country and do not want to shackle future generations with another 3 or so trillion of debt during the remainder of Obama's presidency, do a reverse Marvin K. Moody and stay, do not go; we are now just finding out what is in your pride and joy legislative accomplishment.
Pelosi A Marvin K. Moody Do Not Be
Another career Blue, Rob Andrews, in the House calls it quits and will not face the voters in the fall
Joining Miller and Waxman, career politicians who saw the writing on the wall
Pelosi has lost Waxman, a chief architect and drafter of the Affordable Care Act
Also has lost Miller, her right arm who could be counted on to protect her back
Not from the Reds, she's in a district so safe she could run in a coma and still prevail
Her fellow Blues in House and Senate may not be so lucky and many this fall will fail
Mortally tagged and hobbled with her famous almost omen-like remark
As the consequences and provisions now ooze out of the unknown dark
“We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it”
We are now finding out and as we do perhaps she might take a hint and also quit
If the Blues think the rising disapproval will somehow subside
New straws from the CBO that is impartial, neutral on no party’s side
The ACA will result in at least a two million job loss
Outraged voters learning CBO’s prediction many Blue seats may toss
Pelosi in her safe district with so many ACA waivers her workers to protect
Will weather any pink slip storms and the voters on her will not reject
Just as well for even with the CBO, voters have short memories easy to forget
Reds in the Senate dethroning Reid may need all the help they can get
Like the Helen of ancient times whose face launched a 1000 ships
Better the Nancy of today remains to launch millions of voters to break Reid’s iron grip
Since Obama is not running and anger over Sibelius and the website may fade
It is time to call the ACA by its rightful name, time to call a spade a spade
Pelosicare, Reidcare, Democare, Bluecare, all have a nice sound, a nice ring
A wave of new House and Senate members the names may well bring.
Nancy Pelosi please run and continue to be the poster child
Of a misguided law and federal spending run completely wild.
© February 4, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet




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