Friday, February 14, 2014

Guns N Roses Rock Drones N' Roses FAA Blocks

We all new that Amazon was exploring the use of same day drone service to deliver packages. We learn on Valentines Day that an enterprising florist had spent $7,000 to test the feasibility of using drones to deliver roses and actually had a successful test in Connecticut, We also learn that like many things in life the federal government controls the sky. So no drones for Cupid to deliver roses on this day per the FAA. Probably just as well as the snow would be knocking them out of the sky faster that the Great Turkey Shoot and if any jihadists were hiding in the neighborhood, the would probably have heart attacks seeing the red tipped missiles or at least soil their pants.
       Hope the news will inspire that great rock band Guns N' Roses to create a new song "Drones N'
Roses"; hope you enjoy the comment in muse to go with your Valentine's Day:
Drones N' Roses
The trick to control communication is never having to do it face to face
The speaker controls the response, hides the facial emotions, controls the pace
No wonder we text instead of speak and greet
No wonder we send brief abbreviations in tweet
Anonymity is the new rule, the desired goal
Above all, avoid revealing your true intent, your inner soul
Why should Valentine's Day be any different with awkward emotions to avoid?
No wonder our advancing technology has stepped into the void
Go to the florists, talk to the florists of your rose gift, and stand in line
Far better with a few clicks in the shadows of anonymity order on line
Why run the risk the your Valentine will not be home or worse not like your gift
Why be face to face when facing a potential break up or need to marry rift?
Why give up your God given procrastination right?
Especially when that idea comes late in the day in the fading light?
As children of the 60’s we learned  twas better to make love not war
And the band Guns N' Roses made our dancing feet soar
Why not drop the Guns and go so very high tech
Drones N' Roses the combo it is time to select
What better way to be romantic, yet cool and aloof
Than to send in the roses by drone to the doorstep under her roof?
Alas in matters of safety even Cupid may not let his arrows fly
So the FDA bans a florist's use of drones armed with roses to rule the skies
© February 14, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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